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Heavy Duty Float Level Switches, Level Regulators, Differential Level Switches, Side Entry Level Switches, Paddle Flow Switches, Trailing Wire Flow Switches, Magnetic Flow Switches.
Hazardous Area Lighting, Control Stations, Junction and Terminal Boxes, Signaling Equipment, Pressurised Equipment, Custom Build Switchboards, Power Sockets and Receptacles, Fittings and Accessories, DIP Enclosures.
Level Sensors Using Radar, Ultrasonic, Guided Microwave. Level Switches Using Vibration & Capacitance, Hydrostatic Pressure Sensors, Remote/Local Displays & Programmers, 4-20mA Profibus, HART & Foundation Fieldbus.
Hazardous Area Group 2 Flammable and Toxic Gas Sensors, Car Park Sensors, Sample Draw Systems, 1-24 Channel Sensor Controllers, Confined Space Entry Kits, Calibration Gas and Regulators.
Is a leading Australian Designer and Manufacturer of a complete range of Process Controls & Electronic Transient Protection products.
APCS offers over 200 individual products including signal isolators, signal converters, transmitters, process alarms, power supplies, indicators and electrical transducers. Supported inputs include 4-20mA, AC or DC current and voltage, pH, conductivity, RTD, thermocouple, frequency and strain gauge sensors.