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Heavy Duty Float Level Switches, Level Regulators, Differential Level Switches, Side Entry Level Switches, Paddle Flow Switches, Trailing Wire Flow Switches, Magnetic Flow Switches. –


Hazardous Area Lighting, Control Stations, Junction and Terminal Boxes, Signaling Equipment, Pressurised Equipment, Custom Build Switchboards, Power Sockets and Receptacles, Fittings and Accessories, DIP Enclosures –


Level Sensors Using Radar, Ultrasonic, Guided Microwave. Level Switches Using Vibration & Capacitance, Hydrostatic Pressure Sensors, Remote/Local Displays & Programmers, 4-20mA Profibus, HART & Foundation Fieldbus –


Hazardous Area Group 2 Flammable and Toxic Gas Sensors, Car Park Sensors, Sample Draw Systems, 1-24 Channel Sensor Controllers, Confined Space Entry Kits, Calibration Gas and Regulators –


Is a leading Australian Designer and Manufacturer of a complete range of Process Controls & Electronic Transient Protection products –


APCS offers over 200 individual products including signal isolators, signal converters, transmitters, process alarms, power supplies, indicators and electrical transducers. Supported inputs include 4-20mA, AC or DC current and voltage, pH, conductivity, RTD, thermocouple, frequency and strain gauge sensors –